‘with peaceful and light alignment’



1 on 1 session

You have the opportunity to choose from different sessions.
Nr.1 focuses on self-exploration
Nr.2 focuses on your true nature
Nr.3 focuses on your physical and energetic condition


Learn to recognize how you relate to your inner world, what you think, feel and do – in relation to yourself and your environment. All your behaviour is based on conditioning; you can learn to expose it. You can thereby recognize patterns that you unconsciously repeat and that prevent you from developing freely.


Experience yourself as consciousness. By opening up to the moment, you experience where you are and what you feel. Also what you don’t feel. Reflect on thoughts and emotions that you notice in your body. This research can bring more peace and clarity to the situation where you are, and make it easier to put your life into perspective.

Together with me you can discover how thoughts and idea’s create suffering and influence daily living.

Topics that arise are:

  • Self-inquiry, exploring conditioning, thought patterns, self-worth and self-love
  • Resistance, victimhood, control, vulnerability, fear, stress, body and mind dynamics
  • Recognition of yourself as awareness, a transformational process, a mind-shift
  • The balance between spiritual concepts and daily practice

Skype: Leeji Live
Duration: 1 hour
Price: €60

Nr.3 E.T. Session

E.T. is an energetic transmission. Not an extra-terrestrial contact. Although, who knows!
It is an energetic treatment and healing through light touch, pressure points, soft shaking and tapping, for total relaxation of body and mind. Sometimes I also use tones and music to shake the body ‘loose’.

You will lie down, either on a massage table or on a mattress on the ground. You keep your clothes on, and it will be more comfortable if you wear loose clothing. By paying attention to your breath, your body position and physical condition, you can relax and receive new energy through touch.

This session is especially effective if you have trouble grounding and/or have a lot tension in your head. It connects you to where you are.

Where: in Leiden
Duration: 1 hour
Price: €65

You can book by sending an E-mail to: mailme@liehoogenberk.nl Indicating the dates and time that suits you.

 The magic of now


‘It was so great to talk with Lie. She is gentle and very wise. We had a great time just talking about various topics and I felt I was well understood. I felt very deep emotions before the meeting and I believe a lot of things were coming up and released prior to the session, like there was an emotional journey to her door. Thank you Lie for taking me as I am.’
– Paavo

Thank you for bringing us together and creating a nice gentle space ( in the group session) to be able to open up and speak freely and authentically. It was really lovely, I can feel it now. It will be great to meet up again like this.
– Thanks again, love Annabel M.


With peace and compassion you remind me time and time again of home that is always here.
– M.G.

‘The sessions are covered in clouds of trust. To me it feels like everything is allowed to come up to the surface, even welcomed. All the feelings and thoughts that are hidden and locked away, they somehow come up in your presence. You just let me be as I am, when I talk with you. Pointing out my talents, you also really empowered me. After the last couple of weeks my body and mind are continously opening up.’
– Markus Mascher