‘I have learned most, and I still learn from it, by observing and letting my thoughts, behavior and feelings pass. Every moment again. And by surrendering to the unpredictability of life.’

Learn how you see and experience yourself, from the idea’s you have. How you relate – think, feel and do – to yourself and your environment. You will therefore recognize patterns that you unconsciously repeat and that prevent you from developing yourself freely.

Reflect on thoughts, emotions and sensations that you experience in your body. We always do this from the current moment. Because that is your frame of reference.

By opening yourself to the moment, you start to experience where you are and what it is you feel. And also what you don’t feel. This exploration will bring more peace and clarity to the situation you find yourself in.

Together with me you can discover how thoughts and idea’s create suffering and influence daily living.

Topics that arise are:

  • Resistance, victimhood, control, vulnerability, fear, stress, body and mind dynamics
  • Self-inquiry, exploring conditioning, thought patterns, self-worth and self-love
  • The recognition of yourself as awareness, transformational proces, mind-shift
  • The balance between spiritual concepts and daily practice

Connect through:

1 -> Live Stream every Tuesday 7.30-8.30 p.m at my Live Stream channel Ask or write questions through Skype: Leeji Live

2 -> Skype – Private session
Cost €60 per session  (60 min.)

For a private Skype session you need to make an appointment. Book your session below in the schedule. For questions you can mail to:

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Disclaimer: Lie Hoogenberk can’t be held responsible for any actions or decisions followed after a or several sessions.