Things I do and LoveĀ 

Inspired by thoughts, forms, people, animals and nature, I often find ways to express that.

Family Meeting

I was in Portugal at the end of September for a meeting with my heart family, which was very nice and inspired me to make a short recording with an update about a retreat location. I show you how beautiful it looks there.







poetry in the garden


Book excerpt

The long-awaited book is in process. Meanwhile here is a taste:

What you can fix…

Maybe you feel that you are not good enough the way you are now. Or you feel that it should change, that means that you want to fix it. But the only things that you can really fix in life are the practical things, just day to day practical things. Like if I have a problem with my computer I can go to a shop or I can ask a friend or a specialist to come and to fix the problem. But all that is going on inside of us, the nature of everything, can’t be fixed. If a cup is broken you can try to fix it and maybe it won’t be as beautiful as it used to be, but you can still try to fix it. You can glue it back together and then it will have a crack in it. When the Japanese mend a broken object, they aggrandize it by filling the damage with gold. They believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful. It is called; kintsukuroi and is a beautiful metaphor. The things you experience inside of you, feelings, emotions, feeling uncomfortable, frustrations, traumas, are not needed to fix. But you can learn how to deal with them because you are living in the now. And in this moment you can change the ideas about yourself, thoughts and perspectives about experiences you have had, that were traumatic, or are still very challenging. Right now there is the possibility of changing your view, not fixing it, but changing it. What is it that you see, how do you view yourself, your situation? Ask yourself this, because nobody else can do this for you. You are the only one with a certain, specific view, because that is the image that you took on somewhere. You can go into past events and experiences which you can analize and look at. But the only thing that matters is your view and ideas right now. Look into these idea’s and views, reflect on them. How does it look like, is it a fearful image, a distrusting, worrying or loving image?

Communal garden


Because of my great love for plants and nature, I started a communal garden more than three and a half years ago. We have many perennials, but also beautiful (butterfly) shrubs and herbs. At the beginning of this summer it was full of poppies in various shades. This garden is a wonderful place for humans and animals. Fortunately there are also more and more insects. I get a visit from a local cat here.



Live stream