Do you long to fully come alive, feeling joyful and light even when life challenges you?

 So that you can be your authentic self?

And do you want to learn how to stay in touch with that?

Stop feeling the victim of your thoughts, feelings, creativity or anxiety.

Learn how to truly love yourself beyond your limited beliefs.



How I can help you

Are you going through a transformational process of true self discovery?

Do you want to go to the core of your suffering and your freedom?

Are you trying to recondition yourself, but you get stuck at certain repetitive patterns or habits?

And do you dare to confront your deepest fear? Your biggest projections and illusions?

I help you to transform and see that you are not your thoughts.

Through seeing this you can tune in again to the self-love that is present in you, so that you feel supported in your process. Allow the discomfort you experience and reconnect with your clear and peaceful presence. 

What would happen if you could be effortlessly yourself right now?

Join the weekly Live Stream every Tuesday from 7.30 p.m. until about 9.30 p.m. Here: Leeji or join the Online Group Talks via Skype by sending an email to:


Do you think you would take it with both hands?
Or do you still have your hands full with your old familiar patterns. And you need time to get used to being effortlessly yourself?

I can help you remember that your presence is enough. Because you forget this due to the bustle or emptiness of your daily life. Fulfilment is where you are, breathe and think.

By learning to remain faithful to your true needs and desires you will see that you are not your conditioning. It becomes easier for you to change them and create new and inspiring patterns

Which changes you into the person you feel comfortable with.


Retreat Algarve Portugal

Come on a Joyful Journey with us to Find what you already Know

About Me

I am a transformer and creator

It is easy to feel the victim of life and your circumstances. And it is what happened to me. I transformed myself from victimhood to the free spirit I am today and always have been.

The pathway to self-love is not easy, it takes courage and can be a very bumpy road, but it is possible when you commit and practice self-love now and for the rest of your life. It is guaranteed that your thoughts and actions will get better and better, and your life will be more and more a reflection of your authentic self. I can show you the mirror that reflects the core of your issues and your essence. And it is worth every step you take.

With my creative mind I constantly point to the deep beauty of your true nature; Love It shines through your body, character and actions. You may remember this or not, but everyone can learn to recognize this again.

Everything changes through acceptance. 

Transform and love yourself as you are.

With Love,



retreat portugal

In May you have the opportunity to finally participate with the long awaited retreat in the Algarve, Portugal. This will take place from the 15th of May untill the 22nd of May 2020. To deepen with yourself and connect with other like-minded people. This week gives you more clarity about your patterns and helps you to relax and recognise what you truly are. For more info click on details.  

Conscious circus

In the conscious circus we reflect on our mystical and human nature. Who are we? What role does our character play? How does the dynamics of body and mind work?
This research teaches you to put things into perspective and relax, in a playful and deeply connected way. And you can enter the “stage” with your questions.

1 on 1 Session

You have the opportunity to choose from different sessions.
Nr. 1 focuses on self-exploration
Nr. 2 focuses on your true nature
Nr. 3 focuses on your physical and energetic condition 

Online group session

An online group session gives the possibility to connect with each other in a secure online environment. You can join the group session via Skype.

Live stream

Every Tuesday night from 7.30 pm until about 8.30 p.m Europe/Ams time you can join the Live Stream for FREE. And speak with me Live if you want. The Livestreams are an opportunity to meet and connect with me, to ask questions and to investigate ideas.
Ask your questions ahead via:
MAILME@LIEHOOGENBERK.NL or during the Stream.



‘Your strength is a specific combination of conscious attention, compassion, love and joyful presence’

– Petro van der Pas 

‘It was so great to talk with Lie. She is gentle and very wise. We had a great time just talking about various topics and I felt I was well understood. I felt very deep emotions before the meeting and I believe a lot of things were coming up and released prior to the session, like there was an emotional journey to her door. Thank you Lie for taking me as I am.’
– Paavo

It’s alway amazing to listen to your talks! You share this intimacy and I feel it. This is all I want and always search for.

 – Zakir

Your strength is your presence. You respond organically and follow your intuition. You express what you see or feel in a refreshing & enlightening way

– Roos de Haan

I love your talks, very natural and a great help for seeing through the bullshit.

–  Peggy van Zalm

With peace and compassion you remind me time and again of home that is always here.

– M.G.

You have a natural wisdom – a gentle and reflective way of being which incorporates the principles of non-duality. Deeply encouraging and supportive with a light touch. I see you freely bringing that natural wisdom forth in us all. It’s unusual, Lie, and really precious. You encourage self-integrity – your reflections encourage us all to slow right down and reflect. You are spontaneous in your words and rhythm. You are bringing out the best in us. You bring a loving comedy, too

 – Annabel Smart

Whenever Lie and I spend time together I always really enjoy her open heart and relaxed attitude. Her freedom shines through the body and makes her the perfect candidate to speak to and guide people to live a more balanced and happy life.

– Lisa Cairns

I feel you know yourself in a very deep way. And that you see and feel others in the same deep, profound way. You have a lot of empathy for yourself and others, and you seem to know what others need to live a fulfilling life.

You always point my attention to my actual life situation. And to my talent of expressing myself through music. I intensely reconnected to my family again and generally to people and myself. I think that you see very clearly where someone is, their current life situation, maybe what they are in denial of, and then slowly point them back to this.

– Markus Mascher

In conversation with you I felt my spirit again and an inner knowledge was addressed to me.

– Irmegard Trimbos

I feel like I can totally be me when I connect with you. You have this calmness that grounds and inspires my life energy at the same time. It’s hard to put into words, I guess one just needs to experience this. 

-Pauline Siebers