“Profoundly and playfully Lie points to the simplicity of essence”

This simplicity flows freely through everything. It is stillness in motion, the natural rhythm of life, the full presence that connects us with each other, free and fulfilled in surrender to what Is.

It’s the freedom to explore and rest with what is in daily life, with what is being felt and seen and heard. Just as it is.




You can join the FREE Live Stream every Tuesday from 7.30 p.m. until about 8.30 p.m. If you want to ask questions or would like to speak live, then you can do so through Skype. Send a friend request to: Leeji Live

If you would rather talk privately, then you can do this in a session

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What is more natural than feeling totally at ease. You don’t have to do anything than just Be…

You are essence in presence, in movement, in words, in silence and in Everything!

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Retreat, relax, regain…

If you’re in need of some peace/balance, if you feel the need to find out ‘how it is to be you’, or if you just need to get out: Lie’s retreat is the place to go 
Whenever I connect with Lie I feel like I can totally be me. She has this calmness about her that grounds me, and that inspires my life energy at the same time. It’s hard to put into words, I guess you just need to find out for yourself 
 — Pauline Siebers Social Media Coach & Conciouss Connection




Your gentle appearance makes oneness resonate through simple words by life-experienced essence. The authentic way of expression is refreshing, and provides space for all movements in the moment.  — Alex Koek


Whenever Lie and I spend time together I always really enjoy her open heart and relaxed attitude. Her freedom shines through the body and makes her the perfect candidate to speak to and guide people to live a more balanced and happy life. — Lisa Cairns